Capstone - Launch Your Own Business!

Michigan State University

Embark on an entrepreneurial journey with the "Capstone - Launch Your Own Business!" course from Michigan State University. This hands-on experience enables you to establish a functional business within your available resources and test its revenue-generating capabilities within your jurisdiction.

  • Apply acquired knowledge to launch an actual business
  • Engage with a population of learners as potential consultants and customers
  • Create a legal entity and set up a bank account
  • Develop financial statements and digital presence
  • Construct a business model canvas and strategy statement

Take the first step towards becoming a serial entrepreneur, gaining invaluable experience and confidence to repeat the startup launch process.

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Capstone - Launch Your Own Business!
Course Modules

This course comprises modules that guide you through creating a legal entity, setting up a bank account, establishing a digital presence, developing financial statements, and crafting a strategic path forward for your business launch.

Capstone Welcome & Overview

Capstone Welcome & Overview: Begin the journey with an introduction to the capstone course, exploring your motivation and setting the stage for your entrepreneurial endeavor.

Creating Your Legal Entity

Creating Your Legal Entity: Delve into the review of incorporation, compare LLCs vs. C-Corps, and embark on the process of creating your legal entity, setting the foundation for your business.

Setting Up Your Bank Account

Setting Up Your Bank Account: Navigate the essential steps involved in setting up a bank account for your business, ensuring the financial infrastructure is in place.

Create Your Digital Presence

Create Your Digital Presence: Establish your business's digital footprint, understanding the importance of a strong online presence in today's market.

Establish Your Financial Statements

Establish Your Financial Statements: Gain insights into creating financial proformas, income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, crucial for understanding and managing your business's financial health.

Create a Path Forward

Create a Path Forward: Craft your business model canvas, strategy statement, and operations statement, committing to action and paving the way for your entrepreneurial success.

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