Mobile Development and JavaScript


This course, "Mobile Development and JavaScript," is designed for Android developers looking to expand their skills into cross-platform mobile development. Throughout the program, you will learn the fundamentals of web development with JavaScript, including working with functions, objects, arrays, variables, and data types. Additionally, you will delve into the React library and learn how to use JavaScript within this framework. The course also covers testing code and writing unit tests using Jest, providing a well-rounded understanding of modern JavaScript technologies.

With a focus on practical application, the course includes modules on JavaScript programming, building program components, programming paradigms, and testing and compatibility. By the end of the course, you will have the skills to create simple JavaScript code, manipulate objects and arrays, and write unit tests using Jest. This comprehensive curriculum prepares you to leverage your Android development background to venture into cross-platform mobile development, opening up new career opportunities in the ever-evolving tech industry.

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Mobile Development and JavaScript
Course Modules

The course comprises modules covering JavaScript programming, building program components, programming paradigms, testing and compatibility, and a final project. Each module provides in-depth insights and practical exercises to strengthen your skills.

Introduction to Javascript

This module, "Introduction to JavaScript," introduces the foundational concepts of web development with JavaScript. You will learn about programming in JavaScript, including variables, data types, operators, conditional statements, and looping constructs. The module also provides guidance on setting up and succeeding in the course, as well as practical exercises to reinforce your learning.

The building blocks of a program

The second module, "The Building Blocks of a Program," focuses on essential program components such as functions, arrays, objects, and error handling. You will gain practical experience in creating and calling functions, working with object literals, and preventing errors. Additionally, you will explore the knowledge checks and quizzes to assess your understanding.

Programming paradigms

Module three, "Programming Paradigms," delves into functional programming, object-oriented programming, and advanced JavaScript features. You will learn about scope, classes, inheritance, data structures, and JavaScript interactivity. Moreover, you will engage in exercises and quizzes to reinforce your knowledge and skills.

Testing and compatibility

"Testing and Compatibility," the fourth module, covers JavaScript environments, testing types, Jest, and test-driven development. You will install Node and NPM, write unit tests using Jest, and engage in a comprehensive module quiz to evaluate your understanding of testing concepts.

Final Project

The final module, "Final Project," provides a recap of the course, offers insights into the little Lemon receipt maker exercise, and presents next steps for your learning journey. You will also complete a final graded quiz and reflect on your learning experience.

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