Meta Android Developer


Are you eager to delve into the world of Android app development? The Meta Android Developer course offers a comprehensive learning experience to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to kickstart your career as an Android app developer.

  • Gain a deep understanding of essential Android programming concepts and tools required for application development.
  • Learn to use the Kotlin Playground and create user interfaces for mobile apps using Android Studio.
  • Explore the lifecycle and data collections of mobile applications and work with web technologies and persistent data on Android applications.
  • Discover best practices for designing the UI and experience for mobile applications and create cross-platform applications using React Native.
  • Prepare for technical interviews for Android developer roles and create a job-ready portfolio to showcase your newfound skills.

Throughout this program, you will progress through various modules covering topics such as version control, programming fundamentals in Kotlin, principles of UX/UI design, advanced programming in Kotlin, working with data in Android, mobile development and JavaScript, React basics, React Native, Android app capstone, and coding interview preparation. Each module is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience essential for a successful career as an Android developer.

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Meta Android Developer
Course Modules

Embark on a transformative journey through 12 comprehensive modules covering Android app development, Kotlin programming, UI design, React Native, and coding interview preparation. Gain the expertise and practical skills required for a successful career as an Android developer.

Introduction to Android Mobile Application Development

Define the fundamental concepts of Android app development and set up the Android Studio interface. Create a simple Android app using Kotlin Playground.

Version Control

Implement version control systems, navigate and configure using the command line, and manage code revisions using a GitHub repository.

Programming Fundamentals in Kotlin

Practice building and using functions, different types of comparisons using operators, and solve coding challenges using Kotlin.

Principles of UX/UI Design

Explore the fundamentals of User Experience (UX) design and research, develop user empathy through research, and create wireframes and prototypes in Figma.

Create the User Interface in Android Studio

Use UI component libraries to build Android UI, compose UI using Kotlin UI views, and build a simple UI using the Layout Editor.

Advanced Programming in Kotlin

Implement an Android application with an Activity, advanced object-oriented features, and perform unit testing in Android using Kotlin.

Working with Data in Android

Review useful tools and packages available to a Kotlin developer, apply Kotlin coroutines in Android applications, and integrate code from other languages into Kotlin.

Mobile Development and JavaScript

Create simple JavaScript code, manipulate objects and arrays, and write unit testing using Jest.

React Basics

Learn to use reusable components, organize React projects, and create dynamic and interactive web pages and apps using React basics and React Native.

React Native

Explore the basics of React Native, build single-page and large lists, configure user inputs, and practice using different mobile methods of interactivity with React Native.

Android App Capstone

Build and style a user interface using fragments and views, design an efficient app using Kotlin and MVVM architecture, and fetch data from an API using LiveData.

Coding Interview Preparation

Prepare for coding and Meta interviews, solve problems using code, and hone your skills for a successful career as an Android app developer.

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