Marco web Django


Explore the power of Django web framework in this comprehensive course. Learn to create, protect, and manage web servers while designing web applications using Python, HTML, and CSS. From modeling data to implementing best practices in web security, this course covers it all.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Creating a web server
  • Data modeling
  • Implementing best practices in web security

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Python, and MySQL, along with enthusiasm for Django coding.

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Marco web Django
Course Modules

A detailed exploration of Django web framework, covering introductory concepts, views, models, templates, and a final project evaluation.

Introducción a Django

Gain a solid understanding of Django web framework through an introductory module. Learn about Django's real-world applications, project creation, and the fundamentals of web frameworks. Explore the Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture and essential setup processes.


Dive into the world of views in Django. Understand the role of requests and responses, URL mapping, error handling, and class-based views. Learn to create and configure views, handle URL parameters, and effectively manage errors in this module.


Explore data modeling in Django with a focus on models, migrations, working with ORM, forms, and Django Admin. Understand the use of database connections, user and permission management, and the impact of migrations on development workflow.


Master the art of creating dynamic templates in Django. Learn to work with template languages, dynamic template creation, model-object assignment, template inheritance, and debugging. This module also covers testing practices in Django applications.

Resumen del curso y evaluación calificada del proyecto

Conclude the course with a comprehensive review and a graded project evaluation. Gain insights into creating menu pages, footers, and peer-reviewed application design. Reflect on the course and take the final graded quiz to test your understanding of Django web framework.

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