La pila completa


Embark on a journey to master full-stack development with the La pila completa course. This comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge and practical skills to create robust Django applications. Through a series of engaging modules, you'll delve into front-end technologies, Django back-end development, and production environments. By the course's conclusion, you'll be proficient in leveraging HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Django to craft responsive, interactive web applications.

  • Gain a deep understanding of full-stack development principles
  • Master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating well-structured websites
  • Create full-stack applications using Django with MySQL database integration
  • Explore cloud computing and deployment environments

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La pila completa
Course Modules

The La pila completa course covers a range of topics, including an introduction to full-stack development, front-end technologies, Django stack utilization, production environments, and a final project.

Introducción a la pila completa

Embark on your full-stack development journey with an introduction to the principles and architecture of full-stack development. Learn how to succeed in the course and explore the essential resources available to aid your learning.

Tecnologías de Front-end

Delve into front-end technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Gain practical insights into their real-world applications, semantic elements, form handling, CSS design, JavaScript programming, and manipulation of the Document Object Model (DOM).

La pila completa usando Django

Master Django's full-stack capabilities by configuring it to connect with MySQL databases, working with forms and ModelForms, and utilizing JavaScript to fetch data and handle form submissions. Enhance your knowledge of Django architecture, models, and migrations.

Entornos de producción

Explore production environments, including server and serverless setups, virtual machines, containerization, cloud computing, scaling, load balancing, and networking in the cloud. Understand the different deployment models and their key elements.

Proyecto final

Conclude the course with a final project, where you'll apply your newfound skills to connect the back-end of an application to MySQL, configure a reservation API, display available reservation schedules, and reflect on your learning journey.

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