Android App Capstone


This course, "Android App Capstone," provides a hands-on opportunity to apply acquired skills in developing a real-world Android application for ordering food from the Little Lemon restaurant. Throughout the program, learners will engage in structured modules covering crucial aspects of app development, including UI/UX planning, navigation hierarchy, user onboarding, and menu interface creation.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Build and style UI using fragments and views
  • Utilize Kotlin and MVVM architecture for efficient app design
  • Retrieve data from APIs and utilize LiveData
  • Demonstrate clean and error-free coding with a focus on optimization

By the end of the course, participants will have developed a mobile application that can be showcased to potential employers, emphasizing their Android development skills and creativity in solving real-world problems.

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Android App Capstone
Course Modules

The course comprises three modules that guide learners through developing an Android app for food ordering. It covers UI/UX planning, navigation, data retrieval, and app deployment processes, enabling participants to showcase their advanced Android development skills.

Inicio del proyecto

The "Inicio del proyecto" module introduces learners to the course and guides them through setting up the project, planning the UX/UI, and revisiting key concepts from previous courses. Participants will also engage in exercises to configure the project, recap version control, and design wireframes and interactive components using Figma.

Funcionalidad del proyecto

The "Funcionalidad del proyecto" module focuses on implementing user onboarding and food ordering flows. Participants will delve into configuring user onboarding and navigation, setting up user profile pages, retrieving and storing menu data, and implementing menu filtering and sorting functionalities.

Evaluación de proyectos

The "Evaluación de proyectos" module prepares learners for the final project submission and app deployment processes. It covers creating, testing, and preparing the application for submission to the Play Store, guiding participants through updating and submitting their completed app.

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