Advanced MySQL Topics


In this comprehensive course, you'll delve into advanced MySQL topics, gaining expertise in control statements, user-defined functions, database optimization, triggers, events, and data analysis. Through hands-on modules, you'll learn to automate SQL and optimize database queries, preparing you to excel in database engineering.

  • Master advanced MySQL topics including control statements, triggers, and user-defined functions
  • Optimize database queries, utilize common table expressions, and understand JSON data type
  • Develop skills in database analytics using SQL queries, JOINS, and data extraction
  • Conclude with a final project to apply your knowledge in a real-world data analysis scenario

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Advanced MySQL Topics
Course Modules

The course comprises modules covering advanced MySQL topics such as user-defined functions, database optimization, data analytics, and a final project. Each module focuses on practical skills to enhance your expertise in MySQL.

Functions and triggers

Module 1: Functions and triggers

  • Introduction to advanced MySQL topics including functions and stored procedures
  • Understanding variables, parameters, and user-defined functions in MySQL
  • Exploring MySQL triggers, types of triggers, and scheduled events
  • Self-review, knowledge checks, and quizzes to reinforce learning

Database optimization

Module 2: Database optimization

  • Deep dive into database optimization, including SELECT statement optimization and indexes in MySQL
  • Practical exercises to optimize queries, common table expressions, and JSON data type in MySQL
  • Knowledge checks, self-reviews, and quizzes to assess your optimization skills

MySQL for data analytics

Module 3: MySQL for data analytics

  • Understanding database analytics and using MySQL for data analysis with SQL queries and JOINS
  • Practical application of data analysis in MySQL, including Full Outer JOIN and data extraction from multiple tables
  • Self-reviews and quizzes to evaluate your data analytics proficiency

Final project

Module 4: Final project

  • Course recap and preparation for the final graded assessment
  • Conducting a data analysis for a client persona to apply your advanced MySQL skills
  • Reflecting on learning and challenges encountered in the data analysis project
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