Business intelligence and data analytics: Generate insights

Macquarie University

‘Megatrends’ heavily influence today’s organisations, industries and societies, and your ability to generate insights in this area is crucial to your organisation’s success into the future. This course will introduce you to analytical tools and skills you can use to understand, analyse and evaluate the challenges and opportunities ‘megatrends’ will inevitably bring to your organisation. Via structured learning activities you will explore how these trends can be addressed through sustainability-oriented innovation. You will be introduced to key data analytics concepts such as systems thinking, multi-level perspectives and multidisciplinary methods for envisioning futures, and apply them to specific real-world challenges you and your organisation may face. And there’ll be a focus on future-proofing skills such as teamwork, collaboration with diverse stakeholders and accounting for judgements made within ethical decision-making frameworks.

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Business intelligence and data analytics: Generate insights
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