Adapting: Career Development

Macquarie University

Organisations are undergoing enormous changes in their structures and processes as they seek to take advantage of innovations in technology, remain competitive in Globalising markets, and deal with the increasing diversity of their staff, customers, and supply chains. The four subjects in this specialisation will examine the personal implications of the changing organisational environment - the need to continuously adapt and learn, to manage your career, to build up resilience against stress, and to take your place as a global citizen.\n\nThe aim is to enable you to thrive in working in contemporary organsations. 'Improve yourself Always' addresses the need for you to continuously develop and seeks to improve your capacity to learn and adapt. 'Build Personal Resilience' helps you enhance your resilience in the face of the pressures you will experience in working in contemporary organisations. 'Your Career Your Life' guides you in taking more responsibility for mapping out and engaging in your career. 'Become a Global Citizen' discusses the need to see yourself as a citizen of the increasingly global world of work and provides insight into the strategies to deal with cultural diversity.

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Adapting: Career Development
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