Adapting: Career Development

Macquarie University

Organisations are undergoing significant transformations due to technological innovation, global competition, and increasing diversity. This course equips participants with the skills to thrive in contemporary workplaces by addressing the need for continuous adaptation, resilience against stress, career management, and cultural intelligence.

  • Learn to critically evaluate self-directed personal change and apply it to leadership development.
  • Understand stress drivers and strategies to enhance resilience.
  • Evaluate career management issues and design a path aligned with personal values and skills.
  • Develop cultural sensitivity to manage diversity effectively in the global workplace.

Through four subjects, participants will gain insights into personal implications of the changing organizational environment and develop the necessary skills to succeed in contemporary workplaces.

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Adapting: Career Development
Course Modules

This course comprises four modules: "Build Personal Resilience", "Cultural Intelligence: Become a Global Citizen", "Career Planning: Your Career, Your Life", and "Professional Development: Improve Yourself, Always".

Build personal resilience

Build personal resilience

  • Critically evaluate work stress and approaches to manage stress.
  • Reflect on personal sources of stress to enhance resilience.
  • Apply strategies for enhancing resilience in various situations.

Cultural intelligence: Become a global citizen

Cultural intelligence: Become a global citizen

This module focuses on developing cultural intelligence and sensitivity necessary for leaders in diverse work environments. Participants will learn to spot cultural differences and adapt their behavior accordingly, enhancing their future-focused leadership capabilities.

Career planning: Your career, your life

Career planning: Your career, your life

  • Evaluate current career management issues and their implications.
  • Create strategies and approaches for setting new career vision and goals.
  • Apply knowledge of career models and tools for successful career planning.
  • Design a career path aligned with personal values, interests, and skills.

Professional development: Improve yourself, always

Professional development: Improve yourself, always

This module focuses on the self-development process, enhancing self-awareness, and addressing personal leadership skill challenges. Participants will learn to apply self-reflection to enhance their leadership styles and abilities.

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