Adapt your leadership style

Macquarie University

Discover the complexities of leadership in today's workplace with the course "Adapt your leadership style" by Macquarie University. This course delves into the prevalence of organisational misbehaviours and the evolution of leadership styles. You'll critically evaluate traditional and contemporary leadership theories, analyze the challenges of day-to-day organisational life, and explore the impact of post-industrial leadership on cross-functional teamwork.

Through structured activities like video lectures, quizzes, and discussions, you'll gain insights into transformational, authentic, and inclusive leadership styles as alternatives to autocratic and controlling approaches. Embrace the digital revolution's influence on leadership perceptions and learn how self-leadership has become essential for all organisational members. Gain a deeper understanding of the tensions between traditional and contemporary practices in today's ultra-competitive marketplace, and explore the potential of participative and self-organising leadership.

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Adapt your leadership style
Course Modules

Explore the tensions between traditional and contemporary leadership styles, agile shifts, participative leadership, and effective teamwork in "Adapt your leadership style" by Macquarie University.

The Leadership Challenge

Welcome to the course "Adapt your leadership style." In this module, you'll delve into the importance of leadership, leadership traits, and the messy practice of leadership. Through quizzes and discussions, you'll critically evaluate preconceptions about leadership styles and explore further resources to enrich your learning experience.

The Practices of Individual Leadership

Module 2, "The Practices of Individual Leadership," introduces contingency leadership models, organisational power, and formal and informal leadership networks. Engage in recall exercises, quizzes, and discussions to deepen your understanding of individual leadership practices.

Leading Teams

"Leading Teams," Module 3, covers the rise of teams, the role of leaders and followers, and leading with psychological safety. Embrace practice exercises and peer reviews to apply your learnings in real-world scenarios.

Leading the Organisation

Module 4, "Leading the Organisation," explores charisma, transformational leaders, and the dimensions of authentic leadership. Engage in practice exercises and recall activities to reinforce your understanding of leading the organization.

Leadership and Ambiguity

In Module 5, "Leadership and Ambiguity," you'll delve into the 7 stages of leadership transformation, the adaptive leadership model, and practice exercises to navigate ambiguity. Participate in quizzes and peer reviews to apply your knowledge.

Critical, Pragmatic, and Popular Perspectives on Leadership

Module 6, "Critical, Pragmatic, and Popular Perspectives on Leadership," examines leaders behaving badly, leadership profiles, and the complexities of leadership. Engage in recall activities, quizzes, and reflections to gain a comprehensive understanding of leadership perspectives.

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