European Business Law

Lund University

The European Union is one of the world's largest and most important economies. This specialization is a 3-course bundle that will teach learners the fundamentals of European Business Law.\n\nIn the first course, Understanding the Fundamentals, the learner will examine core structures of the European Union and the main sources of law. This will include being able to understand relevant laws and regulations regarding the internal European Union market, understand how to apply the fundamental principles within the European Union legal framework and utilize the rules of freedom of movement and their impacts in the European Union.\n\nIn the second course, Doing Business in Europe, the learner will focus on the main laws that regulate various aspects of establishing and running a business within the European Union. This will include how to set up agreements within the European Union, understanding of how to establish a company and successfully analyze European Union case law.\n\nIn the final course, Competing in Europe, the learner will go into more depth about how to compete on the internal market and protect your product and brand. This will include how to protect and defend a company's inventions and products by obtaining and licensing patents and trademarks, create a competitive edge for a company and applying the basic principles of European Union competition law.\n\nStay updated about the course series, visit our Facebook page at:\n\n

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European Business Law
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