Introduction to Application Development


This Specialization is designed for individuals with no prior programming experience who are interested in becoming application programmers. Over four courses, you'll gain a solid understanding of programming fundamentals, object-oriented concepts, essential programming tools, and popular development methodologies.

  • Learn about application programming concepts, including object-oriented programming
  • Explore essential programming tools such as source control and build automation
  • Understand the methodologies and frameworks used in programming, preparing you for a career as a programmer

Each module includes hands-on labs and real-world examples, ensuring that you gain practical experience in addition to theoretical knowledge. By the end of this specialization, you'll be well-prepared to embark on further learning in Java or other programming languages.

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Introduction to Application Development
Course Modules

Gain a comprehensive understanding of application development through four courses. Explore programming fundamentals, object-oriented concepts, essential tools, and development methodologies.

Application Programming Fundamentals

In the Application Programming Fundamentals module, you will delve into the core concepts behind modern, object-oriented programming. From objects and classes to messaging, inheritance, and polymorphism, you will gain a solid understanding that is portable to various object-oriented programming languages. Hands-on labs will allow you to put theory into practice, ensuring you can write and execute programs confidently.

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

The Object-Oriented Programming Concepts module continues to build on your understanding of modern, object-oriented programming. You will explore the key concepts of objects, classes, messaging, inheritance, and polymorphism using the Python language as an example, with the knowledge transferable to other object-oriented programming languages.

Essential Tools For Application Development

Essential Tools For Application Development focuses on two crucial classes of tools for developers: Version Control Systems and Build Automation Tools. Learn why these tools are essential, understand common concepts for each category, and explore specific examples such as Apache® Subversion® for version control and Apache® Maven™ for build automation.

Development Methodologies Overview

The Development Methodologies Overview module introduces you to the main development methodologies used by application programmers today. Dive into the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Agile concepts, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, and 12 Factor for cloud development, providing you with a structured framework for effective development processes.

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