DevOps and Build Automation with Python


This course, offered by LearnQuest, is the final installment in a series designed to prepare students for a career as a programmer. Throughout the course, students will gain hands-on experience applying automation concepts in DevOps using Python. The curriculum emphasizes the development of computer programs that utilize classes and objects to solve practical business and mathematical problems.

  • Learn to develop computer programs using Python for automation purposes
  • Understand the principles of package management and its implementation using PIP
  • Explore software testing, including different test types and writing unit tests
  • Discover browser automation techniques and headless browsing
  • Get familiar with containers for development, including Docker and scripting with Python

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DevOps and Build Automation with Python
Course Modules

This course comprises four modules covering package managers, testing, browser automation, and containers for development. Students will gain practical skills in utilizing Python for automation purposes, testing software, browser automation, and working with containers.

Package Managers

The first module focuses on package managers and includes topics such as installing PIP, finding and installing packages, and using packages. Students will also engage in quizzes, discussions, and labs to reinforce their learning.


The second module delves into testing, covering software testing, different test types, and writing unit tests. Students will gain practical experience through quizzes, discussions, and ungraded labs.

Browser Automation

Module three explores browser automation, including headless browsing, writing scripts to visit web pages, and extracting HTML elements. Students will also participate in quizzes and discussions to solidify their understanding.

Containers for Development

The fourth module focuses on containers for development, covering containers, Docker, scripting Docker with Python, and related practices. Students will engage in quizzes, discussions, and labs to apply their knowledge.

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