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Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational website created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan, a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School. The stated mission is to provide "a free world-class education for anyone anywhere".

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  • Developmental Math

    Worked developmental math examples from the Monterey Institute. These start pretty basic and would prepare a student for the Algebra I worked examples.

  • Differential Equations

    Topics covered in a first year course in differential equations. Need to understand basic differentiation and integration from Calculus before starting here.

  • Finance

    Videos on finance and macroeconomics.

  • Geithner Plan

    Videos on the Geithner Plan to solve the banking crisis.

  • Geometry

    Videos on geometry. Basic understanding of Algebra I necessary. After this, you'll be ready for Trigonometry.

  • GMAT Data Sufficiency

    Sal works through 155 data sufficiency problems in the GMAC GMAT Review book (so using real GMAT problems). Buy the book, then watch the videos.

  • GMAT Problem Solving

    Sal has done all problem solving problems in "The Official Guide for GMAT Review" by the Graduate Management Admission Council (which he recommends you...

  • Greek Financial Crisis (2012)

    In the following four lectures the Greek financial crisis is explained along with its reprecussions to Europe and the world.

  • History

    A little history from around the world presented by Khan Academy.