Computing for Cancer Informatics

Johns Hopkins University

Join the "Computing for Cancer Informatics" course to gain a comprehensive understanding of computing resources and shared computing etiquette. This course is designed to help researchers and investigators navigate the challenges of managing large data in cancer informatics. Through a series of modules, participants will explore fundamental computing terms, the benefits and drawbacks of available computing resource options, and key considerations when making computing decisions.

  • Acquire familiarity with fundamental computing terms and concepts.
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of currently available computing resource options.
  • Gain insights into important considerations when making computing decisions, especially for cancer research.
  • Explore shared computing etiquette and research platforms designed for cancer informatics.

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Computing for Cancer Informatics
Course Modules

This course comprises modules covering fundamental computing terms, shared computing resources, and important considerations for computing decisions, tailored for cancer informatics research.


Welcome to the "Computing for Cancer Informatics" course. This module introduces the course and sets the stage for understanding computing in the context of cancer informatics.

Basic Building Block of Computers

Delve into the basic building blocks of computers and gain insights into how these components contribute to the functionality of computing systems.

Binary data to computations

Explore the conversion of binary data into computations, providing a foundational understanding of how data is processed in computing systems.

Computing Resources

Gain insights into the various computing resources available and understand their benefits and drawbacks, specifically in the context of cancer research.

Shared Computing Etiquette

Understand the appropriate etiquette for shared computing resources, ensuring efficient and respectful use of these valuable assets in research.

Research Platforms

Discover research platforms designed for cancer informatics, providing tailored computing resources to support research in this field.

Data Management Decisions

Explore important considerations for making data management decisions, particularly within the context of cancer informatics research.

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