Cancer Biology

Johns Hopkins University

The Cancer Biology course offered by Johns Hopkins University is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of cancer biology, metastasis, and prostate cancer. Through expert-led modules, participants will delve into the molecular biology of cancer, risk factors for major cancers, and screening guidelines for prostate cancer. The course also covers the biologic hallmarks of cancer, the steps in cancer metastasis, and the stages and treatment for prostate cancer. Upon completion, learners will gain a solid foundation in cancer biology and treatment, making it valuable for students, healthcare providers, and individuals interested in cancer research.

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Cancer Biology
Course Modules

This course consists of three modules: Introduction to the Biology of Cancer, Understanding Cancer Metastasis, and Understanding Prostate Cancer. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of cancer biology, metastasis, and prostate cancer management.

Introduction to the Biology of Cancer

The Introduction to the Biology of Cancer module provides an in-depth understanding of cancer biology, including the molecular aspects and biologic hallmarks of cancer. Participants will also learn about the risk factors for major cancers worldwide and the screening, diagnosis, staging, and treatment of cancer. Additionally, this module includes two Honors lessons dedicated to cancers of the liver and prostate.

Understanding Cancer Metastasis

The Understanding Cancer Metastasis module explores the spread of cancer and the major theories of metastasis. It delves into the biology behind the steps in metastasis, the organs targeted by metastasis, and the impact of metastases on patients. This module offers valuable insights into the complex process of cancer spread.

Understanding Prostate Cancer

The Understanding Prostate Cancer module, led by Professor Ken Pienta, focuses on the essentials of prostate cancer. Participants will gain knowledge of risk factors, screening guidelines, cancer staging, and treatments for both localized and advanced prostate cancer. This module is beneficial for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of prostate cancer biology and treatment.

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