Digital business - Act on the digital world

Institut Mines-Télécom & École Polytechnique

The idea that digital technology triggers profound change in companies is largely accepted. There is indeed no question that the digital world is profoundly changing business life. Everyone is now on the same page. But with the digital world come a lot of misconceptions and buzzwords. You can no longer get by with these commonplaces or general ideas. You need to gain a detailed understanding of the main new management paradigms: new marketing approaches, the role of data in data-driven management, large businesses’ struggle to innovate, etc. This will give you precise insight into changes at work. Without precision, it is difficult to understand. Without understanding, it is impossible to act. This module will tell you how. Week 1 : Big Picture Week 2 : Operational Area Week 3 : Focus Area

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Digital business - Act on the digital world
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