Cyber Threat Hunting


Embark on a comprehensive journey through the world of cyber threat hunting with the Cyber Threat Hunting course. Designed by Infosec, this learning path encompasses six courses, each meticulously curated to build your core hunting skills and empower you with the knowledge and tools required to effectively carry out threat hunting activities within an organization.

Throughout the course, you will delve into a myriad of topics, including cyber threat hunting techniques, detection, investigation, remediation, attack simulation, and project walkthroughs. From understanding networking technology and intelligence gathering to investigating anomalous activities and conducting attack simulations, this course covers it all.

  • Learn repeatable, documentable cyber threat hunting methodologies
  • Gain hands-on experience with a variety of security mitigation and monitoring tools
  • Master the art of threat landscape analysis and layered security
  • Explore visibility tools, logging sources, traffic monitoring, and network device monitoring
  • Discover vital scripts, programs, and commands essential for cyber threat hunting
  • Engage in attack simulation and project walkthroughs to apply your newfound knowledge in practical scenarios

Prepare yourself to become an invaluable asset in the ongoing battle against cyber threats and safeguard organizations from potential data compromise.

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Cyber Threat Hunting
Course Modules

Immerse yourself in the Cyber Threat Hunting course's comprehensive modules, covering topics such as cyber threat hunting techniques, detection, investigation, remediation, attack simulation, and project walkthroughs.

Introduction to Cyber Threat Hunting Techniques

Introduction to Cyber Threat Hunting Techniques: Gain a foundational understanding of cyber threat hunting and vital networking technology knowledge. Enrich your skills with intelligence gathering, investigation techniques, and proactive defenses against potential data compromise.


Detect: Explore visibility tools, network monitoring, and traffic analysis, along with the use of open-source tools and threat hunting examples. Master the creation of tailored SIEM dashboards and alerts for effective threat detection.


Investigate: Identify and analyze anomalous activity, and gain hands-on experience in investigating and analyzing potential threats. Develop the skills needed to effectively identify, investigate, and analyze potential threats.


Remediate: Learn to determine the nature of attacks, review, and recommend remediation methods. Gain insights into the tools for exploit prevention, logging, phishing email incident handling, and endpoint protection testing.

Attack Simulation

Attack Simulation: Delve into simulating attacks for Blue/Red teams, exploring various attack simulation tools and conducting malware demos to enhance your practical understanding of cyber threat scenarios.

Cyber Threat Hunting Review

Cyber Threat Hunting Review: Recap your knowledge in threat detection, identification, and remediation, and explore additional threat hunting duties. Conclude with a comprehensive final quiz to test your grasp of the course material.

Cyber Threat Hunting Project

Cyber Threat Hunting Project: Engage in a detailed walkthrough of a cyber threat hunting project, including traffic analysis exercises and challenges designed to reinforce your practical skills in cyber threat hunting.

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