Space Flight Mechanics

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

The space flight mechanics is the first course in graduate and undergraduate courses. The advanced course on space flight mechanics gets specialized in the sub streams of space flight mechanics. The proposed course even though is introductory but effort will be made to expose to the complicacies of the sub streams in space flight mechanics.

So that student get exposure to the various aspects of the subject and can appreciate the complicacies involved which will further imbue curiosity to understand this subject and explore. Even though the main thrust will be on the space flight mechanics but the subject will be enriched with the introduction to rockets which will make the subject matter.

Complete in the sense that from the starting phase of launching of a satellite to its orbit maintenance and determination will be covered to give the students a complete glimpse of the subject matter without which it will remain a theoretical exercise which many text books available in this area can provide. A number of problems will be solved to enhance the understanding of the subject matter and besides, many unsolved problems will be provided with answers to further test the student's learning.

Course contents:

Introduction to Space Flight Mechanics, Central Force Motion, Coordinate System, Orbit Parameterization and Determination, Orbit Transfer, Satellite Attitude Dynamics & Control, Rocket Performance.

Course Lectures