Science and Technology of Polymers

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

The main theme of the course on Science and Technology of Polymers is to focus understanding of science and technology of polymer synthesis and its characterization. Knowledge on solid state structure and properties of polymers will enable their proper selection for applications in domestic as well as industrial appliances.

As per the need of the day the essentiality of biodegradation of stable commodity as well as engineering polymers vis-a-vis design and development of biodegradable polymers have become a priority. Polymers have been established as very promising materials in electronic and medical implant devices.

Being a very good tailoring material polymer can be easily modified to suit a specific application provided there is knowledge in structure and properties of polymers. In order to prepare a suitable polymer product some input is necessary in compounding and processing behavior of polymers both in solution and melt state followed by product fabrication involving machineries. This course will highlight the above areas including polymer composites.

Course Lectures