Processing of Semiconducting Materials

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

The present course on "Processing of Electronic Materials" is designed for the undergraduate students to develop the basic tools with which they can later learn about newly developed devices and applications. Obviously it will provide the students with a sound understanding of existing materials, devices and processing technologies.

Semiconductor materials, devices and processing technologies are the foundation of electronic industry which is the largest industry in the world with global sales over one trillion dollars since 1998.

The semiconductor industry which is a subset of electronic industry will grow at a faster rate in coming days and it will constitute 25% of the electronic industry in 2010. A basic knowledge of processing of electronic materials is essential to the understanding of advanced courses in electronics.

This knowledge will also enable a learner to contribute to the information age which is based on electronic technology. The course material on processing of electronic materials will be very useful to undergraduate students, post-graduate students, teachers and practitioners. A number of chosen problems will be solved to illustrate the concepts clearly.

Course topics:

  1. Introduction to Electronic Materials.
  2. Electrical conductivity of materials.
  3. Direct & indirect band semiconductors.
  4. Semiconductor statisics.
  5. Doping in semiconductors
    • Diffusion
    • Ion implantation
  6. Elemental and compound semiconductors.
  7. Crystal Growth: Bulk
    • Silicon crystal growth
    • Silicon float-zone
    • GaAs crystal growth techniques
  8. Bandgap Engineering & Epitaxy
    • Low dimensional structures
    • CVD
    • MBE
  9. Materials Characterization
    • Resistivity
    • Bandgap
    • Defects in materials
  10. Thin film deposition
    • Thermal oxidation
    • Dielectric deposition
    • Polysilicon depostion
    • Metallization
  11. Metal-semiconductor contact
    • Ohmic contact
    • Schottky contact
    • Applications
  12. p-n junction
  13. Electrical properties of polymers, ceramics, dielectric and amorphous materials
  14. Dielectric Materials and Insulation
Course Lectures