Principles of Physical Metallurgy

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

The aim of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the underlying principles that determine the evolution of microstructures in metals and alloys during their processing and its relation with its properties & performance in service. Attempts will be made to introduce the concept of thermodynamics & kinetics of phase transformation, micro-structural engineering, alloy design, processing (casing, forming & heat treatment) techniques, and structure property relationship.

The course would also include a brief introduction to the tools & techniques of examination of microstructure & evaluation of its properties. This would also include a brief outline of crystal structure & crystal defects. In short an attempt will be made to take the students from the fundamentals to the frontiers of physical metallurgy. Although the main focus in this courses will be on metals and alloys students of allied discipline may find this course to be useful.

Course content: Atomic bonding & crystal structure, Experimental tools & techniques, Solidification & plastic deformation of pure metal, Crystal defects, Diffusion, Solidification of binary alloys, Three phase equilibrium (Eutectic, Peritectic system), Phase diagrams of common binary alloys, Iron carbon (cementite) diagram, Cold working & annealing, Precipitation hardening, Pearlitic, Bainitic & Martensitic transformation, Heat treatment of steel, TTT diagram, Effect of alloying elements, Hardenability, Application of physical metallurgy.

Course Lectures