Marine Construction & Welding

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Introduction to ships & offshore structures; Characteristics of shipbuilding industry; Structural Requirement - Longitudinal strength, Transverse strength,Torsional strength, Local strength; Framing system / stiffening arrangement - Longitudinal framing, Transverse framing; Basic structural components – Stiffeners,Longitudinal, Transverse, Girders & Transverses, Hatch side girder, Hatch end beam, Stringers, Brackets;

Structural sub assemblies - Flat stiffened panel, Curved stiffened panel,Floors - Longitudinally framed, Transversely framed; Bulkheads - Transverse water tight bulkhead, Non water tight bulkheads, Flat stiffened bulkhead, Corrugated bulkhead; Decks & shells;

Bottom shell, Side shell, Inner bottom plating; Structural assemblies -Double bottom construction,Wing tanks & duct keels, Fore & Aft end construction, Midship sections of various ship types - General cargo carrier, Bulk carrier/OBO, Container ship, Oil tanker, RO-RO ship;

Structural alignment & continuity: Steel material preparation - Shot blasting, Acid pickling; Plate & Section forming - Mechanical methods, 3-point hydraulic press, Universal press, Line heating; Plate cutting – Mechanical, Thermal - Oxy-fuel, Plasma; Fusion Welding & Power Source; Welding parameters and their effects;

Fusion Welding Methods – MMAW, GMAW, GTAW, SAW, Electroslag Welding, Electrogas welding; Single side welding; Solid state welding - Friction stir welding; Welding distortions; Distortion prevention; Distortion mitigation; Welding defects; Nondestructive testing.

Course topics:

  1. Introduction to ships & offshore structures
  2. Characteristics of shipbuilding industry
  3. Structural Requirement
  4. Basic structural components
  5. Structural subassemblies
  6. Bulkheads
  7. Decks & shells
  8. Double bottom construction
  9. Wing tanks & duct keels
  10. Fore & Aft end construction
  11. General cargo carrier
  12. Bulk carrier/OBO
  13. Container ship
  14. Oil tanker
  15. RO-RO ship
  16. Structural alignment & continuity
  17. Steel material preparation
  18. Shot blasting
  19. Acid pickling
  20. Plate & Section forming Mechanical methods
  21. Line heating
  22. Plate cutting mechanical
  23. Thermal
  24. Plasma, water jet
  25. Fusion Welding & Power Source
  26. Welding parameters & their effects
  27. Fusion Welding Methods
  28. Manual metal arc welding
  29. Gas metal arc welding
  30. Gas tungsten arc welding
  31. Submerged arc welding
  32. Electroslag Welding
  33. Electrogas welding
  34. Single side welding
  35. Solid state welding
  36. Welding distortions
  37. Distortion prevention
  38. Distortion mitigation
  39. Welding defects
  40. Nondestructive testing
Course Lectures