Introduction to Aerodynamics

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

This course covers lessons on aircraft, aerodynamic forces and moments, fluids and forces in fluids, kinematics of fluid motion, conservation of energy, equations of motion, potential flow, conformal transformation, Zhukovsky transformation, boundary-layer theory.

Course topics:

  1. Aircraft and Aerodynamic Forces and Moments
  2. Fluids and Forces in Fluids
  3. Forces in Fluids
  4. Kinematics of fluid motion
  5. Kinematics of fluid motion - Velocity with specified extension and vorticity
  6. Kinematics of fluid motion - Vorticity Distribution
  7. Kinematics of fluid motion - Velocity without expansion and vorticity
  8. Irrotational Solenoidal Flow in Multiply Connected region
  9. Equations of Fluid Motion - Navier - Stokes Equation
  10. Conservation of Energy and Energy Equation
  11. Equations of Motions
  12. Exact Solution for Simple Problems
  13. Non-dimensional Form of the Equations and Possible Simplifications
  14. High Reynolds Number Approximation
  15. Conditions fior Incompressibility
  16. Potential Flow
  17. Potential Flow - Combination of Basic Solutions
  18. Potential Flow - Combination of Basic Solutions - Lifting Cylinder
  19. Conformal Transformation
  20. Zhukovsky Transformation
  21. Zhukovsky Transformation - Applications
  22. Transformation
  23. Boundary - Layer Theory
Course Lectures