Elements of Ocean Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

It is an introductory course in ocean engineering for undergraduate students. The topics covered are of a general and introductory type. The course applies the knowledge of wave mechanics and structural mechanics to solve problems related to the ocean.

It starts with a description of the ocean environment and estimation of environmental loads on offshore structures. The various types of offshore structures in use are described and their design requirements are discussed.

Various engineering systems such as buoys, moorings, mining and energy systems are discussed. Lastly, the safety aspects very crucial to ocean engineering are presented.

Course topics:

  1. Physical Oceanography – Description of World’s Oceans, currents, salinity, ocean floor characteristics
  2. Metocean Engineering – wind, wave and current loads on offshore structures
  3. Types of Platforms – Jackets, TLPs, Semisubmersibles, Jack-ups, Concrete Gravity
  4. Floating Platforms – Sizing, stability, structural design of TLPs, semisubmersibles
  5. Fixed Offshore structures – Sizing and layout, structural design of Jackets, Breakwaters and Seawalls
  6. Design of Offshore Pipelines – Hydrostatic, hydrodynamic analysis and structural design
  7. Buoys and Mooring systems – mooring configurations, advantages and disadvantages
  8. Ocean mining and energy systems – description and systems
  9. Safety of offshore structures – reliability and risk assessment, failure modes
Course Lectures