Digital Voice & Picture Communication

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

The course covers lessons in Introduction, Speech Production Model,Speech Coding : Objectives and Requirements, Quantizers for Speech Signal,Mew - Law and Optimum Quantizer, Adaptive Quantizer, Differential Quantization, LDM and ADM, Differential PCM and Adaptive Prediction, Linear Prediction of Speech, Computational Aspects of LPC parameters, Cholesky Decomposition, Lattice Formulation of LPC Coefficient, Linear Predictive Synthesizer, LPC Vocoder, DCT Quantization and Limitations, MPEG - 1 Audio Coding, Interworking with PSTN Limitations and Solution, Video Conferencing : SIP Protocol, 4G Multimedia Conferencing.

Course topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Speech Production Model
  3. Speech Coding : Objectives and Requirements
  4. Quantizers for Speech Signal
  5. Mew - Law and Optimum Quantizer
  6. Adaptive Quantizer
  7. Differential Quantization
  8. LDM and ADM
  9. Differential PCM and Adaptive Prediction
  10. Linear Prediction of Speech
  11. Computational Aspects of LPC parameters
  12. Cholesky Decomposition
  13. Lattice Formulation of LPC Coefficient
  14. Linear Predictive Synthesizer
  15. LPC Vocoder
  16. Introduction to Image and Video Coding
  17. Lossy Image Compression : DCT
  18. DCT Quantization and Limitations
  19. Theory of Wavelets
  20. Discrete Wavelet Transforms
  21. DWT on the Images and its Encoding
  22. Embedded Zero Tree Wavelet Encoding
  23. Video Coding : Basic Building Blocks
  24. Motion Estimate Techniques
  25. Fast Motion Estimation Techniques
  26. Video Coding Standards
  27. Advanced Coding Aspects
  28. Audio Coding: Basic Concepts
  29. Audio Coding AC - 3
  30. AC -3 Decoder
  31. MPEG - 1 Audio Coding
  32. Introduction to VoIP
  33. VoIP Signaling : H.323 Protocol
  34. H.323 Call Controls and Enhancements
  35. Interworking with PSTN Limitations and Solution
  36. Multiplexing Schemes
  37. H.323:Multiplexing:Header Compression and BW
  38. ISDN Video Conferencing
  39. Video Conferencing : SIP Protocol
  40. 4G Multimedia Conferencing
Course Lectures