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Power System Operations and Control

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Course topics:

  1. Introduction (Characteristics of Modern Power Systems)
    • Physical Structure
    • Operation and Control Functions and Hierarchies
    • Design and Operating Criteria
  2. Equipment and Stability Constraints
    • Capabilities and Constraints of Generators/Exciters/Turbines/
    • Network Elements (Lines, Transformers etc.)
    • Constraints of Energy Supply Systems
    • Load Characteristics
    • Introduction to Angle/Voltage Instability phenomena
    • Stability Constraints
  3. Frequency and Voltage Control
    • Primary Control of Frequency : Governors
    • Secondary Control of Frequency : AGC
    • Voltage control : Automatic Voltage Regulators (generators),
    • Shunt Compensation, SVC
    • Introduction to Power Flow Control : HVDC, FACTS
    • Load Curves
    • Unit Commitment Introduction to the use of Optimization Methods
  4. Load Dispatch Centre Functions
    • Contingency Analysis
    • Preventive, Emergency and Restorative Control
  5. Additional Topics relating to new developments
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