Population and Society

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

This course proposes to discuss the relationship between social processes and demographic transition in India. Therefore, it focuses on introducing the tools and techniques of social demography,Indian data on demographic trends, and theories propounded to explain the available data.

It is expected that after doing this course the students would be familiar with the basic techniques, data and theories of social demography and will be well equipped to take up advanced studies in a selected field of population studies as a subfield of sociology. Specifically it focuses on the following:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Basic characteristics of Indian society.
  3. Research methods in population studies.
  4. Demographic models.
  5. History of world population growth and its impact on society.
  6. Population of India.
  7. Urbanization and development.
  8. Population theories.
  9. Population policy and family planning programmes.
  10. National population policy in India.
  11. Ecological degradation and environmental pollution.
  12. Emerging issues in sociology of population.
Course Lectures