Introductory Sociology

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

This course covers lessons on sociological approaches,defintion classification of family,perspectives of family,concept of power,need for work,bases of religion,perspectives in sociology and ethnography in India.

Course topics:

  1. What is sociology?
  2. Sociological approaches
  3. Nature of society: Individuals and groups
  4. Cooperation and conflict
  5. Family-I: Definition and classification of family
  6. Family-II: Perspectives on family
  7. State-I: Definition of state
  8. State-II: State in India
  9. State-III: The concept of power
  10. State-IV: Functionalist and Marxist perspectives on power
  11. Sociology of work-I: Need for work
  12. Sociology of work-II: Social change and work
  13. Sociology of work-III:  Development and work
  14. Sociology of work-IV: Capitalism and motivation for work
  15. Religion-I: Social conditions and religious thought
  16. Religion-II: Bases of religion
  17. Religion-III: Forms of religious beliefs
  18. What is sociology?
  19. Religion-V: Religion and society
  20. Religion-VI: Contributions of Marx and Weber
  21. Education-I: Concept of education?
  22. Education-II: Functions of education
  23. Social stratification-I: Social inequality and stra
  24. Social stratification-II: Explanations of social st
  25. Social stratification-III: Theories and facts
  26. Social stratification-IV: Stratification in India
  27. Deviance-I: Concept of deviance
  28. Deviance-II: Perspectives on deviance
  29. Deviance-III: Theories of deviance
  30. Social change-I: Definition of social change
  31. Social change-II: Theories of social change
  32. Social change-III: Social change in industrial soci
  33. Social change-IV: Urbanization and related issues i
  34. Population-I: Malthusian theory of population
  35. Population-II: Population and Society
  36. Perspectives in Sociology-I
  37. Perspectives in Sociology-II
  38. Social Problems and Theory
  39. Sociological methods-I
  40. Sociological methods-II: Ethnography
  41. Sociological methods-III: Ethnography in India
Course Lectures