International Economics

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

International Trade covers topics related to pure theory of international trade, trade policies followed by countries, international monetary theories and international monetary policies including discussion on the globalization process and the benefits and costs associated with the process. The course will give some answers to why countries and firms do international trade with each other and what is the pattern of trade.

Further it will discuss what policies are available with countries to protect their interests and how is international trade related to income distribution, poverty and other development parameters of the economy. I intend to prepare video and web based lectures for the same. International Economics course content may include the following.

Course topics:

  1. Empirical Facts of International Trade and their Explanations.
  2. Globalization Process: Costs and Benefits.
  3. Offer Curves, Community Indifference Curves, Trade Indifference Curves, Terms of Trade, Marshall Lerner Condition for Stability, Ricardian Model of Trade and Extensions, Mercantilist Views on Trade and Adam Smith Trade Model.
  4. Specific Trade Model and Income Distribution.
  5. Production at Autarky, Heckscher- Ohlin- Samuelson Model, Stopler Samuelson, Rzybnzski Theorems, Factor Price Equalization Theorem, Technological Progress and Trade.
  6. Extension of Heckscher Ohlin Model.
  7. Posner and Vernon’s Changing Comparative Advantage Theories.
  8. Linder’s Hypothesis.
  9. Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek Theorem.
  10. Empirical Testing of Trade Theories and Leontief Paradox
  11. Melitz New New Trade Theory.
  12. International Factor Movements and Theories of Foreign Direct Investments and Foreign Institutional Investment, FDI Spillovers.
  13. Trade Policies: Economic Analysis of Tariffs, Quotas, Export Subsidies and VERs.
  14. Arguments for Trade Barriers and Measurement of Protection.
  15. Political Economy of Trade Policy, Foreign Capital and Welfare.
  16. Trade, Growth, Development, Inequality and Poverty Relationships.
  17. WTO and its provisions, Impact of the WTO on trade and development of Developing Countries.
  18. Balance of Payment( BOP), Balance of Trade, Official Reserves, BOP Deficit and Surplus and Gold Standard,  International Monetary theories: Different Approaches to Exchange Rate Determination.
  19. International Monetary Policies and Reforms in the International Financial System, Policies for mitigating occurrence of Financial Crisis, Models of Currency , Banking and BOP crises.
  20. Economic Integration , Regionalism vs Multilateralism debate.
  21. Open Economy Macroeconomics and Interdependent Economies.
  22. Gains from Trade and Trade and Income Distribution.
  23. Trade and Endogenous Growth.
  24. Trade, Environment, Labour, IPR Relationships.
  25. Trade in Tasks, Outsourcing and GATS.
  26. Reserves, Debt and Risk including hedging techniques.
  27. Economic Expansion and Trade.
  28. International Technology Transfer, Trade and Migration.
Course Lectures