Finite Element Method

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

The course covers lessons in Finite Element Method, Concept of a functional, Stiffness matrix, Rayleigh–Ritz method, Piecewise linear, Element Calculations, Global stiffness matrix, Bi-linear, Cubic Approximation, Post Processor, Edge functions, Integration points, One dimensional finite element program, Make mesh, Iterative Solvers, Neutral axis, Fourth order differential equation, Stopping criteria, Non linear problems.

Course topics:

  1. Finite Element Method
  2. Concept of a functional
  3. Stiffness matrix
  4. Rayleigh–Ritz method
  5. Piecewise linear
  6. Element Calculations
  7. Global stiffness matrix
  8. Bi-linear
  9. Cubic Approximation
  10. Post Processor
  11. Edge functions
  12. Integration points
  13. Gauss Lobatto
  14. One dimensional finite element program
  15. Make mesh
  16. Iterative Solvers
  17. Pre-processor
  18. Neutral axis
  19. Hermite cubic polynomials
  20. Two-dimensional problems
  21. Temperature controlled problem
  22. Metrics of the transformation
  23. Element stiffness matrix
  24. Triangular elements
  25. Serendipity Family
  26. Rectangular domain
  27. Single variable problem
  28. Planar elasticity problem
  29. 2n coefficients alphai
  30. Finite element formulation
  31. Classical plate theory
  32. Fourth order differential equation
  33. 3 dimensions
  34. Free vibration
  35. Transient problems
  36. Alpha families
  37. Non linear problems
  38. Stopping criteria
Course Lectures