Engineering Mechanics (basics)

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Courses topics:

  • Review of the three laws of motion and vector algebra
  • Equilibrium of bodies I ,Equilibrium of bodies II, Equilibrium of bodies III
  • Trusses, Friction
  • Properties of plane surfaces I: First moment and centroid of area
  • Properties of surfaces II: Second moment of area
  • Method of Virtual Work
  • Motion in a plane: Introduction to polar coordinates
  • Motion with constraints, Motion with friction and drag
  • Momentum, Work and Energy, Collisions
  • Rotational dynamics I: Angular momentum
  • Rotational dynamics II : Rotation about a fixed axis
  • Rigid body dynamics III: Rotation and Translation
  • Rotational dynamics IV: Angular velocity and angular momentum
  • Rotational dynamics V: Kinetic energy, angular momentum and torque in 3-D
  • Harmonic oscillator I: Introduction
  • Harmonic oscillator II: damped oscillator
  • Harmonic oscillator III: Forced oscillations
Course Lectures