Dynamics of Machines

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Course modules:

  1. Dynamics of Rigid Bodies in Plane Motion; Dynamic Force Analysis of Machines.
  2. Spheric Motion of Symmetrical Bodies and Gyroscopic Effects in Machines.
  3. Dynamics of Rotating Bodies; Unbalance Effects and Balancing of Inertia Forces; Field Balancing and Balancing Machines.
  4. Dynamics of Reciprocating Machines with Single Slider; Unbalance in Single Cylinder Engine Mechanisms.
  5. Unbalance in Multicylinder Engines -In-line, V-twin and Radial Engines; Balancing Techniques.
  6. Turning Moment Diagram for Engines and Speed Fluctuation; Power Smoothening
    by Flywheels.
  7. Speed Control By Governors; Dynamics of Governor Mechanisms.
  8. Vibration of Mechanical Systems; Types of Vibration; Lumped Parameter Models; Linearization of System Elements; Degrees of Freedom; Types of Restoration and Dissipation Mechanisms; Types of Excitation.
  9. Free Undamped Vibration of Single Degree of Freedom Systems; Determination of Natural Frequency)"; Equivalent Inertia and Stiffness; Energy Method; Phase Plane Representation.
  10. Free Vibration with "iscous Damping; Critical Damping and Apcriodic Motion; Logarithmic Decrement; Systems with Coulomb Damping.
  11. Forced Vibration with Harmonic Excitation; Undamped Systems and resonance; Viscously Damped Systems; Frequency Response Characteristics and Phase Lag; Systems with Base Excitation; Transmissibility and Vibration Isolation; Whirling of Shafts and Critical Speed.
  12. Vibration of Two and Multidegree of Freedom Systems; Concept of Normal Mode; Free Vibration Problems and Determination of Natural Frequencies; Forced, Vibration Analysis; Vibration Absorbers; Approximate Methods -Dunkerley's Method and Holzer Method.
  13. Free Vibration of Elastic Bodies; Longitudinal Vibration of Bars; Transverse Vibration of Beams; Torsional Vibration of Shaft; Approximate Methods - Rayleigh's Method and Rayleigh-Ritz Method.
  14. Instruments for Dynamic Measurements.
Course Lectures