Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Course topics:

  1. Introduction to Open Channel Flow:
    Difference between Open Channel Flow and Pipe Flow, Types of Channel, Geometric parameters of a channel, Classification of Open Channel Flow, Continuity and Momentum equation.
  2. Uniform flow:
    Resistance flow formula, Velocity distribution, Equivalent roughness coefficient, Velocity coefficients, Uniform flow in rigid boundary channel, Uniform flow in mobile boundary channel.
  3. Energy and Momentum Principle:
    Concept of Specific Energy, Critical Depth, Alternate depth, Specific Force, Sequent depth.
  4. Non-Uniform Flow:
    Governing equation of GVF, Classification of Gradually Varied Flow, Computation of GVF profile, Rapidly Varied Flow, hydraulic Jump, Flow over a Hump, Flow in Channel Transition.
  5. Canal Design:
    Concept of best hydraulic section, Design of rigid boundary canal, design of channel in alluvial formation- Kennedy’s theory, Lacy’s theory, Method of Tractive force, Free-board in canal.
  6. Unsteady Flow:
    Wave and their classification, Celerity of wave, Surges, Characteristic equation.
  7. Pipe Flow:
    Losses in pipes, Pipe in series and parallel, Pipe network analysis, Water hammer, Surge tank.
  8. Hydraulic Model Study:
    Important dimensionless flow parameters, Similitude: Geometric, Kinematic and Dynamic Similarity, Model scales.
Course Lectures