Design of Steel Structures

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Course topics:

  1. Introduction:
    Properties of Structural Steel, I. S. Rolled Sections, I. S. Specifications.
  2. Design Approach:
    Factor of Safety, Permissible and Working Stresses, Elastic Method, Plastic Method, Introduction to Limit States of Design.
  3. Connections:
    Type of Connections, Riveted, Bolted and Welded Connections, Strength, Efficiency and Design of Joints, Modes of Failure of a Riveted Joint, Advantages and Disadvantages of Welded Joints, Design of Fillet and Butt Welds, Design of Eccentric Connections.
  4. Tension Members:
    Net Sectional Area, Permissible Stress, Design of Axially Loaded Tension Member, Design of Member Subjected to Axial Tension and Bending.
  5. Compression Members:
    Modes of Failure of a Column, Buckling Failure: Euler's Theory, Effective Length, Slenderness Ratio, Design Formula: I.S. Code Formula, Design of Compression Members, Design of Built-Up Compression Members: Laced and Battened Columns.
  6. Beams:
    Design Procedure, Built-Up Sections, Plate Thickness, Web Crippling, Web Buckling, Connections and Curtailment of Flange Plates.
  7. Beam Column:
    Eccentricity of Load, Interaction Formulae, Design Procedure, Eccentrically Loaded Base Plates.
  8. Column Base:
    Slab Base, Gusseted Base, Grillage Foundation.
Course Lectures