Heat and Mass Transfer

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Course contents:

  • INTRODUCTION – Typical heat transfer situations.
  • Modes of heat transfer.
  • Introduction to laws, some heat transfer parameters.
  • CONDUCTION – Fourier’s law and thermal conductivity.
  • Differential equation of heat conduction, boundary conditions and initial conditions.
  • Simple one dimensional steady state situations – plane wall, cylinder, sphere (simple and compex situations), concept of thermal resistance, concept of U, critical radius. Variable thermal conductivity (exercise).
  • Special one dimensional steady state situations – heat generation, pin fins. Other fin configurations (exercise).
  • Two dimensional steady state situations.
  • Transient conduction. Lumped capacitance model. One dimensional transient problems – analytical solutions. One dimensional Heisler charts. Product solutions.
  • Numerical methods in conduction. Steady state one dimensional and two dimensional problems. One dimensional transient problems – Explicit and implicit.
  • RADIATION. Basic ideas, spectrum, basic definitions.
  • Laws of radiation, black body radiation, Planck’s law, Stefan Boltzman law, Wien’s Displacement law, Lambert cosine law.
  • Radiation exchange between black surfaces, shape factor.
  • Radiation exchange between gray surfaces – Radiosity-Irradiation method. Parallel plates.
  • Gas radiation.
  • FORCED CONVECTION. Concepts of fluid mechanics.
  • Differential equation of heat convection.
  • Laminar flow heat transfer in circular pipe – constant heat flux and constant wall temperature, thermal entrance region, Turbulent flow heat transfer in circular pipe, pipes of other cross sections.
  • Heat transfer in laminar flow and turbulent flow over a flat plate, Reynolds analogy.
  • Flow across a cylinder and sphere, flow across banks of tubes, impinging jets.
  • NATURAL CONVECTION. Introduction, governing equations,Vertical plate – Pohlhausen solution, horizontal cylinder, horizontal plate, enclosed spaces.
  • HEAT EXCHANGERS. Types of heat exchangers, LMTD approach – parallel, counter-flow, multi-pass and cross flow heat exchanger, NTU approach – parallel, counterflow, shell and tube, cross flow heat exchanger.
  • Condensation and Boiling. Dimensionless parameters, boiling modes, correlations, Forced convection boiling, laminar film condensation on a vertical plate, turbulent film condensation.
  • Mass Transfer. Analogy between heat and mass transfer, mass diffusion, Fick’s law of diffusion, boundary conditions, steady mass diffusion through a wall, transient mass diffusion, mass convection, limitations of heat and mass transfer analogy.
Course Lectures