Broadband Networks

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Course content:

  1. Overview of internet – concepts, challenges and history.
  2. Next Generation Internet - challenges and problems.
  3. Multicasting in Internet.
  4. Real time communication over Internet.
  5. Packet scheduling Algorithms- requirements and choices.
  6. Admission control in internet.
  7. Differentiated Services in internet.
  8. Internet Telephony and voice over IP (VoIP)- RTP and RTCP.
  9. Broadband ISDN and ATM Networks - ATM protocols.
  10. IP switching and MPLS - Overview of IP over ATM and its evolution to IP switching.
  11. Policy based Networking. Policy servers.
  12. Web in Qos domain. Architecture for Web Qos.
  13. Web Acess – Intelligent web browsing and web caching.
  14. Internet and web Traffic measuremnt and characterization. Prediction for network management.
  15. Optical communication networks - DWDM based transport network. Issues in IP over DWDM optical IP routers and switching.
Course Lectures