Advanced Strength of Materials

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Course modules:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Stress and Strains in 3-D – Cauchy formula, Principal Stress, hydrostatic stress, deviatoric stress, stress transformations, Mohr circle, octahedral shear stress, strain energy densities, etc.
  3. Theories of failure.
  4. Beam on elastic foundations.
  5. Bending of curved beams – Crane Hooks & Chains.
  6. Torsion of Non-circular members, hollow members, thin walled sections; Membrane Analogy.
  7. Columns - Straight & initially curved columns, Rankine formula.
  8. Energy Methods – Energy Theorems, Use of energy theories for calculating deflections, twists, solution to torsion (non-circular) problems.
  9. Unsymmetrical bending, shear centre.
  10. Introduction to Photoelasticity.
Course Lectures