Essentials in Immunolgy

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

The course is meant for post-graduate students. The course covers all aspects of the immune system from basic aspects like organs and cells of the system to cellular networks that are necessary for optimum immunological responses.

Coure topics:

  1. Introduction to the immune system (RMJ)
  2. Cells and Organs of the immune system (RMJ)
  3. Innate immunity (DpN)
  4. Cell receptors, activation & differentiation (AAK)
    • Development and differentiation of B cells
    • Signaling in B cells
  5. Immunoglobulin genes and theory of antibody diversity (AAK)
    • Organization of immunoglobulin genes and Mechanism of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement
    • Generation of antibody diversity
    • Immunoglobulin class switching Regulation of Immunoglobulin gene regulation
  6. Structure and Functions of Immunoglobulin (AAK)
  7. Complement system (AAK)
    • The three complement pathways
  8. Hypersensivity (AAK)
    • Hypersensitivity type 1
    • Hypersensitivity types 2, 3 ,4 and Autoimmunity
  9. B cell autoimmunity, immunodeficiency & cancer (AAK)
    • Autoimmunity Autoimmuno-deficiencies f the B cells
    • Autoimmuno-deficiencies f the B cells
    • Cancer
  10. The major histocompatibility complex (RMJ)
  11. Antigen Processing and Presentation (DpN)
    • The Major Histocompatibility Complex
    • The Major Histocompatibility Complex: MHC class I pathway
    • The Major Histocompatibility Complex: MHC class II pathway
  12. T cell receptors (RMJ)
  13. T cell Activation & differentiation (DpN)
  14. T cell subsets (DpN)
    • T cell synapse, motility and subsets
  15. T cell survival (DpN)
  16. Cytokines (RMJ)
  17. Autoimmune reactions and Immunodeficiency of T cells (DpN)
  18. Host response to infectious disease (DpN)
  19. Transplantation immunology (RMJ)
  20. Vaccines (RMJ)
  21. Antigens and synthetic vaccines (AAK)
    • Antigens and Immunogens
    • Synthetic vaccines
  22. Evolution of the immune system (RMJ)
Course Lectures