Climate change and health

Imperial College London

Climate change and health is the third and final instalment of the wider Global Health Challenges and Governance specialisation from Imperial College London's Global Master of Public Health (GMPH). The scope and content of this course has been developed from the ground up by a combined team of academics and practitioners in collaboration with experts from Imperial College’s Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment. Through short video lectures, readings and a wide range of interactive activities, learners will be immersed in the intersection of climate change and health. Designed for those new to the discipline, over four modules (intended for one week of learning each), learners will become familiar with the relationship between globalisation, environmental change and health. Learners will be introduced to climate change, its influence on individual and public health and implications for policy: whether new to the topic, or coming with a wealth of experience. By the end of this course, learners will be familiar with planetary health, global climate governance structures and climate policy instruments. Learners will also be able to analyse relevant policies, evaluate their adequacy for tackling global health challenges and recommend alternative approaches where appropriate.

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Climate change and health
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