Relational Databases for Beginners


In Relational Databases for Beginners, you will learn invaluable information about how data is stored with the MySQL database. This guided project provides hands-on lessons with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and relational databases to give you the skills to process data. In this guided project, you will learn how to explore the IDE interface, create a Python program using the IDE, create, populate, backup, and restore a database, how to create and populate a table, and how to use several statements to modify the data. No experience is necessary to take part in this guided project. All you need are basic computer operating skills. After you’ve completed this guided project, you can take your database skills a step further by taking the Introduction to Relational Databases, which is part of the Information Technology (IT) and Cloud Fundamentals Specialization. The IT and Cloud Fundamentals Specialization provides prerequisite skills for almost all IT careers, including technical support specialist, data analyst, data scientist, software engineer, systems administrator, and IT manager. With this specialization, you'll acquire hardware, operating systems, programming, database, networking, storage, cybersecurity, and cloud computing knowledge and skills that prepare you for an entry-level IT role. Also, this specialization will help you understand and manage IT responsibilities within your organization. Learn without limitations. Enroll today!

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Relational Databases for Beginners
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