AI Workflow: Business Priorities and Data Ingestion


This course introduces the IBM AI Enterprise Workflow Certification specialization, focusing on design thinking and data ingestion using Python and Jupyter notebooks. It targets experienced data scientists aiming to advance their skills in building and deploying AI solutions within large enterprises.

  • Learn the advantages of a structured data science process
  • Understand the correlation between design thinking and the AI enterprise workflow
  • Discover strategies for prioritizing business opportunities
  • Explore data ingestion, testing, and automation techniques

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AI Workflow: Business Priorities and Data Ingestion
Course Modules

This course comprises three modules, covering the introduction to the AI enterprise workflow, data collection, and data ingestion. Each module provides comprehensive insights into the specialized components of the IBM AI Enterprise Workflow Certification.

IBM AI Enterprise Workflow Introduction

This module provides a comprehensive introduction to the IBM AI Enterprise Workflow, covering topics such as the advantages and disadvantages of process models, the design thinking process, and the correlation between process models and design thinking. It also includes a quiz to assess readiness for the specialization.

Data Collection

Module 2 focuses on data collection, exploring the identification of business opportunities, scientific thinking for business, and the process of gathering data. It includes assessments to gauge understanding of the presented concepts.

Data Ingestion

Module 3 delves into data ingestion, covering topics such as the use of sparse matrices for data pipeline development, limitations of ETL, data ingestion in the modern enterprise, and the automation of data ingestion. It also includes a case study and assessments to reinforce learning.

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