Cloud-Based Network Design & Management Techniques

HPE Aruba Networking

This 2-part eLearning course builds an understanding of modern cloud-network design and management techniques, crystalizing lofty ideas of "cloud" and "edge" so you can embrace the latest industry trends and best-practices. A successful modern network architect requires a keen understanding of business requirements, network components, and the challenges of architecting good solutions. In the 1-hour Aruba Modern Cloud Network Design course you’ll get a high level overview of key network design topics trending in the Edge era. The devices we manage constantly evolve as new protocols, security mechanisms, and redundancy solutions emerge; and so the techniques we use to manage these dynamic systems must respond to and even anticipate this changing landscape. In the Modern Cloud Network Management Techniques 1-hour course you’ll learn about key aspects of the network management journey and the newer technologies and techniques to help you embrace the Edge. Learn about the network management challenges that drive new technologies, get familiar with classic Network Management System (NMS) tools, and learn about the modern NMS tools like Aruba ESP developed to reduce overhead, speed diagnosis, and improve situational awareness. Typical candidates for this course are IT Professionals and/or Network Engineers who want to learn about Aruba’s modern approach to network design.

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Cloud-Based Network Design & Management Techniques
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