The Evolutionary Psychology of Mating and Dating

Gresham College

A series of three psychology lectures by Professor Glenn D. Wilson.These free public lectures were delivered in London during 2010-11 by Professor Wilson in his capacity as Visiting Gresham Professor of Psychology.

Course Lectures
  • Sex Wars
    Glenn Wilson

    How the "selfish genes" of men and women sometimes create conflict. How monogamy, polygamy and infidelity stack up in terms of adaptive value. Is sex addiction a real disease or just an excuse for bad behaviour? The distinction between explanation and moral justification. Reconciling the discrepancy between male and female instincts.

  • How hormones, phermones and bonding chemicals connect with the experiences of sexual arousal and romantic love. To what extent are we victims of our brain chemistry and neural processes? What are the evolutionary origins and adaptive values of "falling in love"?

  • Lovesickness
    Glenn Wilson

    Is love a kind of obsession? Is it a positive or an unhealthy phenomenon? How can we recover from the loss of a partner or deal with the pain of separation and divorce? Healthy and unhealthy modes of conflict resolution will be discussed as well as pathological forms of love, such as erotomania, extreme jealousy, revenge and stalking.