A Guide to Diversifying and Transforming Football Leadership

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Football is a globally followed and revered sport. In recent years, concerns over diversity and discrimination in the beloved sport have made international headlines. This has put a spotlight on the lack of representation both on and off the football pitch. The disparity in football leadership representation is even more apparent when gender, race and ethnicity comes into play. This MOOC aims to understand, explore and ultimately address the exclusion of women and people of ethnic minority background (WEM) in football organizations. Resources and practical tools are provided for aspiring football leaders and governing body members. Ultimately, the course looks to the future of football leadership and asks what needs to be done to transform the football world from the inside out. This course consists of 4 modules or ‘weeks’. In each module, a different theme will be addressed in short expert videos. Furthermore, each week will have supplementary reading material and a brief quiz or discussion topic to apply the knowledge gained from the videos and readings. Participants are invited to relate the gained knowledge to their own experiences, personal development or ambitions to create social change within the football world. Participants are expected to watch the videos before doing the small exercises.

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A Guide to Diversifying and Transforming Football Leadership
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