Introduction to EdTech

EDHEC Business School

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of Education Technology with the "Introduction to EdTech" MOOC. Co-developed by Supercharger Ventures and EDHEC Business School, this course delves into the fundamental principles and innovations of EdTech, offering a comprehensive understanding of its impact on education systems worldwide. Through a series of engaging video lectures, expert interviews, case studies, and assessments, participants will explore the major areas of EdTech, including Alternative & Digital Education, Hybrid Learning, Challenger Universities, Learning Apps, and the core technologies driving EdTech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data, and AR/VR.

By enrolling in this MOOC, educators, institutions, entrepreneurs, and government officials can gain the foundational knowledge necessary to appreciate the potential of new tools, technologies, business models, and learning methods in education. Discover how EdTech is reshaping the traditional classroom, the rise of challenger universities, and the strategic priorities for institutions in the post-COVID era. Furthermore, participants will unravel the ethical considerations of AI in education, explore the application of AI in learning, and delve into the realm of AR/VR in education.

Uncover how EdTech is revolutionizing the way learning is delivered and consumed, and gain insights from leading academics and global experts who will share real-life examples of the innovations, technology, and policies driving the transformation of education.

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Introduction to EdTech
Course Modules

The "Introduction to EdTech" MOOC comprises four modules that delve into the foundational principles, digital and alternative education, EdTech for institutions, and the role of AI in education.

Foundations of EdTech

Foundations of EdTech: Gain a comprehensive understanding of EdTech, including its key components and the driving forces behind its rise. Delve into investment trends and explore real-life examples from leading industry experts.

Digital and Alternative Education

Digital and Alternative Education: Explore the realms of digital and alternative education, uncover the impact on early childhood, K-12, and the rise of challenger universities. Gain insights from industry leaders on the application of digital and alternative education.

EdTech for Institutions

EdTech for Institutions: Discover how education institutions are evolving in the post-COVID era, the improvements technology brings to the classroom, and the strategic priorities for institutions. Delve into the funding, team building, and content options in the realm of EdTech.

AI in Education

AI in Education: Unravel the realm of AI in education, including its application, ethical considerations, and the integration of AR/VR in education. Gain insights from experts on how AI is reshaping the future of learning.

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