Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Explore the three phases of the urban value chain in the "Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems" course offered by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Learn about city planning, urban governance challenges, and strategies for urban renewal through concrete case studies and experiences shared by lecturers from diverse disciplines and global locations.

  • Analyze the evolution in city planning and its impact on urban space creation
  • Understand the challenges of urban governance in institutional, financial, economic, and social dimensions
  • Assess strategies for urban renewal

This interactive course is structured into four modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of the urban value chain and includes case studies, quizzes, discussions, and comprehensive learning materials.

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Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems
Course Modules

This course is divided into four modules, each focusing on a different phase of the urban value chain: designing cities, governing cities, and regenerating cities. The modules cover a wide range of topics from urban settlement patterns to the digitalization of urban planning, governance of large urban systems, and urban regeneration projects.


MODULE 1: Preamble

This module introduces the course, provides an overview, and outlines the evaluation and certification process. It also offers guidance on course discussions and where to seek assistance before embarking on the learning journey.

Designing cities

MODULE 2: Designing cities

  • Explore urban settlement patterns and land-use strategies
  • Understand the city as a socio-technical system and digitalization of urban planning
  • Learn from case studies about planning and designing cities in various countries

Governing cities - Part 1

MODULE 3: Governing cities - Part 1

  • Discover the governance of large urban systems and its impact on cities like Istanbul and Singapore
  • Understand the influence of digitalization and policy on urban mobility and resilience planning

Governing cities - Part 2

MODULE 4: Governing cities - Part 2

  • Learn about the structure, regulation, and pricing of water utilities in urban areas
  • Explore housing urbanism, social dimensions of transport, and participatory processes in urban governance

Regenerating cities

MODULE 5: Regenerating cities

  • Discover new paradigms of the built environment and sustainability through domicology
  • Explore case studies on smart city initiatives, sustainable cities, and urban regeneration projects
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