Relational Databases - MySQL - قواعد البيانات العلائقية

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In this hands-on guided project, you will delve into the world of relational databases, specifically focusing on MySQL. Over the course of one hour, you will master the art of retrieving information from databases using SQL. You will learn to display data from tables, retrieve non-repetitive entries, filter results based on specific conditions and sort them in ascending or descending order. Additionally, you will discover how to link tables within a database to obtain results from multiple tables using a single query. For complete beginners in the field of relational databases, you will also learn how to create a table and add it to the database, populate the new table with data, and delete a table from the database.

  • Gain familiarity with relational databases
  • Master the basics of MySQL language and its essential commands
  • Learn to retrieve data from linked tables

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Relational Databases - MySQL - قواعد البيانات العلائقية
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