Product Design: Draw a Classic Armchair using SketchUp

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In this 1-hour project-based course, you will delve into the intricate process of designing a classic armchair using SketchUp. Through comprehensive research, you will master the dimensions of the chair, from its legs to the back, handles, seat, Cochin, and pillow. Rendering your design will add a touch of realism to your creation.

Throughout the course, you will refine your skills in drawing complex designs and enhance your presentation abilities by rendering your design using simple methods on SketchUp. The emphasis on designing with references will sharpen your visual sense of measurements, setting a strong foundation for future projects.

  • Master drawing a complicated design on SketchUp
  • Enhance your presentation skills through rendering
  • Improve your visual sense of measurements

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Product Design: Draw a Classic Armchair using SketchUp
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