Flask for Beginners: Creating an Application

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This 1.5-hour guided project, Flask for Beginners: Creating an Application, is designed for aspiring Python programmers seeking to harness the power of Flask in web application development. Throughout this course, you will gain hands-on experience in creating and launching a web application using Flask. The course begins with setting up a new Flask application within a directory structure, followed by learning how to display a list in HTML using Flask. You will also delve into creating a template in Flask to display a web page. By undertaking the role of assisting a company in organizing conferences and creating a baseline template to list available hotels, you will acquire essential skills in using URL mapping to access the application from a browser, employing a template with a view to display information, and deploying the Flask application.

Prerequisites for this course include familiarity with an IDE (Visual Studio code), basic Linux command line knowledge, and fundamental Python skills encompassing variables, functions, and control constructs. By the end of this comprehensive course, you will be adept at leveraging Flask to build and deploy web applications, setting a solid foundation for your journey in web development with Python.

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Flask for Beginners: Creating an Application
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